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Voorstelling BIRA

Voorstelling BIRA

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Interview by Philip Verhaeghe for CFO magazine, February 2007 (in Dutch)

Euronext Issuers Newsletter April 2006

Interview with Thibaut Munier, Chief Operating Officer of 1000mercis

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Trends in investor relations

Interview J. Anckaert, Voorzitter Bira - Forward Februari 2006

Investor Relations : les tendances

Interview J. Anckaert, Président du Bira - Forward février 2006

Euronext Issuers Newsletter January 2006

Interview with Th. Charlet of Itesoft

How are IR activities organised ?

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Newsletter Euronext

Newsletter Euronext december 2005

Actualiteiten : Electrabel
De Dirivatenschool

Euronext Issuers Newsletter September 2005

Interview with Guy Elewaut, vice president of IR gouvernance communications at Delhaize

   Interview Guy Elewaut (164 kb)

Euronext Issuers Newsletter May 2005

Interview with Jacques Anckaert, Chairman of BIRA

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