Board of directors

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Functioning of BelIR

Directors are designated among BelIR effective members by the General Assembly for a period of three years.

Decisions of the board of directors are taken at the majority of votes, present or represented.

The board of directors designates internally a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The FEB exercises the functions of secretary (corporate) and treasurer.

Most importantly, the board of directors is responsible for the management of BelIR.

The management of BelIR relates to five essential activities of the board of directors:

  • The organization of Meetings: Wim Allegaert and Carl Vanden Bussche

  • Collaboration and Platforms: Frank De Leenheer, Rob Goyens and Martina Carlsson

  • Personal and Professional development: Viviane Dictus, Philip Ludwig

  • Networking and representation (no lobbying): Wim Allegaert (at the Belgian Listed Companies Committee) and Rob Goyens

  • Tools: Philip Ludwig, Carl Vanden Bussche and Martina Carlsson

Board members

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Wim Allegaert
President & Managing Director
Philip Ludwig
Martina Carlsson
Frank De Leenheer
Managing Director
Viviane Dictus (Agfa-Gevaert)
Rob Goyens (Telenet)
Carl Vanden Bussche (Deme)